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8 days 7 nights 
Departure of Queen Alia Airport and departure to Tunis
 airport. Reception by the company's representative in
Tunisian folklore, then moving to the hotel in the
Hammamet area, receiving the rooms and overnight.
Day 2: After breakfast, visit the spa resort of Panorama
Hammamet and visit the old town to learn about the
traditions and traditions. The baths are located on the
 southern tip of the Cap Bon Peninsula and extend along
 the beaches. The bathrooms have narrow alleys and many
shops. The city of Nabeul, north of Hammamet, has the
largest weekly market in the region. Each group is famous
 for pottery and ceramics. It has the most beautiful sandy
 beaches and the fish salting industry was in the Roman era
and then back to the hotel for rest.
Day 3: After breakfast, visit the cities of Monastir, one
of the most important cities of Tunisia and then to the city
of Sousse, which is located in the center of the country and
known as the jewel of the coast and known as the ancient
death and then visit the port of Kantawi, which is one of the
most beautiful and beautiful tourist resorts, An Andalusian-style
marina, beautiful gardens and fountains, numerous shops,
restaurants, bars, cafes and a series of hotels along the sandy
beaches of El Kantaoui and then back to the hotel for rest.
Day 4: After breakfast, take a free ride at one of Yasmin
Hammamet's boats, including leisure activities on board
the ship, then return to the hotel for a rest.
Day 5: After breakfast, a free day for shopping and recreation
Day 6: After breakfast, leave the hotel in Hammamet and head
to Tunisia to tour the streets of Tunisia and get acquainted
with the most important areas with all the mosques, markets,
stalls and palaces, then arrive at the hotel and distribute the
Day 7: After breakfast, go to Sidi Bou Said, one of the most
beautiful areas in Tunisia in terms of the location overlooking
the sea and Andalusian architecture, then return to the hotel
to rest
Day 8: After breakfast, free day until the plane and return to the homeland under the auspices of God
 Prices in USD include
7 nights accommodation at the hotel
Includes breakfast and dinner
 Air-conditioned bus transfers by program.
 A licensed tour guide for the trips mentioned in the program
 Flight ticket Oman - Tunis - Amman
Prices do not include: Tourist Attractions


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