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Mada'in Saleh

Madain Saleh is one of the most exciting archaeological sites in the world. It has a large number of carved and engraved tombs, with engravings on the rocky facades. Nabatean writings are also a mixture of Assyrian stamps (preserved on the balcony of sculptures in the upper part of the tombs)
When you arrive at this ancient city in northwestern Saudi Arabia - between Tabuk and Madinah - in the afternoon you will see the view of the golden plateaus filled with carved rocks, one of the most fascinating sights to be seen, provided only by Madain Saleh.
The site of Madain Saleh archaeological one of the best sites in the Arabian Peninsula, has known Madain Saleh in ancient times as the stone, and was founded in the second century BC, and became the capital of the Kingdom of the southern Nabataeans, so some think that the designation of monuments in Madaen Saleh Nabatiyeh. Madain Saleh is the largest city of Nabatieh in all areas south of Petra in Jordan.
Madain Saleh was classified into the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, making it the first landmark in Saudi Arabia to be listed. Madain Saleh is a witness to the magnificence and development of the architectural and engineering capabilities of the Nabateans who built Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia and Petra. Jordan, where all the buildings were excavated from temples, palaces and tombs in the rocks standing in the middle of the sand, creating an unrivaled archaeological masterpiece.

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