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Dammam is the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, one of the most important cities in this region. It is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf and is the main logical port, and its location is of great importance: it is located on three sides of the Arabian Gulf, from the north, east and south. Dammam is a residential and commercial center with administrative bodies and government departments. The source of its name Tarif, where it is believed to be derived from the word "rumble", that is, the loud sound. The prevailing belief is that there is a heavy ding of drums in the dam of Dammam to warn fishing vessels and diving and trade at sea at risk. At the head of the economy in Dammam is industry and mining (oil and fertilizers Aluminum, petrochemicals, rubber, prefabricated buildings and air conditioners). These two branches are so prosperous that Dammam has become the most important industrial city in the Kingdom. This prosperity is facilitated by the ease of transportation, highways and ports, major import and export and railways. In terms of tourism, Dammam is considered one of the tourist attractions. Its climate is relatively mild in most months of the year (despite some extreme days in summer and winter), and the city and the region enjoy abundant beaches on the Arabian Gulf coast. From these landmarks: Dammam Corniche, Dammam Marine Front, Half Moon Beach and Complexes Commercial and King Fahd Bridge. Dammam is a relatively noisy city filled with events, shopping and shopping malls. The most important commercial complexes include: Oasis Mall, Amwaj Mall, Beach Mall, Darin Mall and Ibn Khaldun Plaza. There are also many popular markets, such as the central market of Dammam, the popular Mecca market and the love market. The city is also home to entertainment, playgrounds and parks, including King Fahad Park, Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Recreational City, Al Hokair Amusement Park, Gulf Entertainment City, Dolphin Village, and the King Fahed Park. Civil Dammam connected to a network Wide transportation on various types of transportation. Among the most important road routes around it: Dammam Road Riyadh, Dammam Abu Hadria Road, Dhahran Road Ras Tanura and Dammam Baqeeq Road. At the level of air transport Dammam is linked to different areas in the Kingdom and the rest of the world. The airport has several airports, the most important of which is King Fahd International Airport (50 km from Dammam), the largest Saudi airport and space facilities. Dammam is also connected to Riyadh via a major railway line, which passes through Hofuf, Al Ahsa and Abqaiq, with subways. In the city of Dammam, there are quite a few people and ethnicities, and this has affected the city's atmosphere, restaurants and meals.

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