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The city of Nizwa is located in the province of the interior in the Sultanate, the largest city, and away from the capital Muscat about 164 km. Nizwa is known today as a capital of jurisprudence, religion and spirituality (it was a political capital in the past), and was characterized even from the early days of Islam. This is why it is called "the egg of Islam", where the historical castle is still there, adding to it many fortresses, towers, ancient mosques, and interesting tourist places. Nizwa Castle is one of the oldest castles in the Sultanate. Its construction is unique and unique: it is a huge circular ring in the dirt, and its outer diameter reaches 43 meters, About 24 meters of land. Since this fortress was the seat of the government and the place of implementation of the sanctions, they contain prisons, along with the combat openings in the fence and seven wells provide water. Many tourists like this city and visit it to stroll through its old houses in the famous Nizwa lanes, especially between November and March where the weather is pleasant and not particularly cold (with mild winter rain), while the weather is hot Summer, the temperature can reach in July to 50 degrees Celsius! Nizwa's 70,000 inhabitants now live in a prosperous and ever-changing city, yet they are still considered The largest center for palm cultivation. Some say that the source of its name from the act "Anzwe", the fact that the city at a crossroads between the mountain range of the stone and Muscat and the north of the Sultanate, and even if this is true, the highway that opened between them and Muscat in 1970 completely eliminated this isolation. If you arrive in the city on Friday, head to the southern end of the market to see one of the largest cattle and livestock markets in the region. But this is not the only market in Nizwa: there is meat market and vegetable market Fish market and spice market. The handicraft market is located in the center of the city with other markets, a good place to buy souvenirs, but here you have to separate sellers at the prices they request. The people of Nizwa and Dion can walk the town and know the daily life of people closely and without hassles or fears, only to take care of decent and decent clothes.

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