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Port Said is the third largest city in Egypt, after Alexandria and Cairo. Port Said is known as the "valiant city", located in the northeast of the Egyptian Republic, overlooking the Mediterranean coast, close to the Suez Canal. Its population reached about 600,000 in 2010. The city dates back to 1859 when Khedive Said, then governor of Egypt, decided to establish it when Ferdinand de Lesseps started digging the Suez Canal. The committee that supervised the excavation of the canal decided to construct a lighthouse in Port Said to guide the coming ships towards the entrance of the canal and the site of the port And a "bridge" was established from Port Said to the sea, also to be a docking berth. With these instructions and plans, much of this relatively modern city and its most important commercial and industrial features are decided. Despite its young age, Port Said has been a prominent place among Egyptian and international cities since its inception. It has always been a pioneer in the services and means of civilization (such as electricity and cinema). The community in Port Said was characterized by its multiplicity of cultures (Cosmopolitan), and the concentration of foreigners - French and Greeks
Mainly in the Euphrates (now East), and the Egyptians in the Arab Quarter. The best of Port Said's historical and international standing is what Rudyard Kipling said: "If you want to meet someone who is always traveling, there are two places on earth where you have to sit and wait for his arrival, certainly: the port of London and Port Said." Port Said has a mild climate throughout the year. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and wet, mild and rainy winters. Port Said, along with other attractions, has become an ideal tourist destination for holidays and recreation throughout the year. Port Said includes a number of unique landmarks, most notably the port Port Said is the second port of Egypt because of its location at the entrance to the Suez Canal. There is also the building of the Suez Canal Authority, one of the most important Islamic monuments there, and the old Port Said Palace. The museum also houses several museums. It displays traces of various Egyptian historical periods, and the Victory Museum of Modern Art. Since the beginning of 1976, Port Said has declared a free zone with privileges in customs transactions on incoming goods. In Port Said there are a number of cinemas (Batrouse, Misr Cinema, Rio Cinema, Nawras Cinema). A cultural entertainment complex (Port Said Opera House) featuring theater and cinemas. There are many clubs in Port Said, such as the Egyptian fishing club, the rowing club and the amateur club, and the public squares (Manshiyeh, Masala and Volgograd). The parks in Port Said are decorated with beautiful and distinct analysis in the general Egyptian scene. In Port Said Airport is "Port Said Airport", and is six kilometers from the city center. There are two ports: Port Said Port and Port East of Port Said. The ferry is the most important landmarks of Port Said. It is the only means of transport available to cross the Suez Canal and reach Port Fouad. The trip in the ferry is lovely and fun and lasts 10 minutes and is also free. Port Said also has a network of trains that make access to the most important cities in Egypt an easy task.

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