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It is the city of the sun. It is the same "good", the capital of Pharaonic Egypt. Luxor is located on the banks of the Nile, which divides it into two parts: the eastern and western sides. In 1998, the first bridge between the two banks was established. Luxor is about 670 kilometers from Cairo and about 220 kilometers from Aswan. Its population is close to half a million, the capital of Luxor. The city of Luxor consists of five (brigades) and there are six towns and villages belonging to it. The ancient sites include the Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple and the Kebash Road between the two temples and the Luxor Museum. The western bank includes the Valley of the Kings and the monastery of the Monastery of the Sea And the Valley of the Queens The Monastery of the City, the Temple of Ramessium and the Representation of Memnoun. In the province you will find many attractions and attractions, such as the Mummification Museum and Hatshepsut Temple (Deir Al Bahari). The city of Taiba was founded in the time of the fourth pharaonic family (about 2575 BC). It was only a burial place at the beginning of the period. It became the capital of Egypt during the Egyptian age. It remained the capital of the Egyptian state until the fall of the Pharaonic rule. Its climate is hot desert in summer (40 degrees maximum) and moderate in winter (25 degrees maximum). Luxor is characterized by its Corniche overlooking the Nile, adding to the splendor and excellence of the place, especially when crossing the cruise ships. Luxor has many mosques, among which are: the Sheikh Al-Hefni Mosque and the Mosque of Abi Al-Hajjaj Al-Aqsari, while the churches also spread, most notably:
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church of the Angel Michael, St. Mary's Church and Presbyterian Evangelical Church. One of the attractions of Luxor is the large cruise ships that sail in Nile cruises from Cairo to Aswan. In Luxor there are two main transport routes: the taxi (blue and white) and minibuses. The city has Luxor International Airport, which receives about 1 million tourists a year. The "River Infectious" transport the people of the province and tourists to and from the eastern and western suburbs at nominal prices. Tourists can also enjoy small private boats to navigate and open in the center of the Nile. As for the Red Sea coasts, the nearest seaports from Luxor are Safaga.

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