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Trabzon is a tourist destination with a distinction unknown to many when considering tourism and travel to Turkey. Although the beauty of Istanbul is unmatched globally as a city worthy of empires and the human future in the beginning of the atheist and the twentieth century and Extruded the same time for the beauty of human history saturated the city, and despite the fact that Antalya is a favorite destination for Maridi tourism hotels on the beach and relax meet all the requirements without the need to leave the hotel hotels, However, Trabzon and the confluence of Turkey's Anatolian mountains along the shores of the Black Sea constitute a natural and civilized region of a different kind and a natural and human climate that is completely different and similar in nature Its climate, nature and human heritage are closer to Georgia than perhaps the human climate of Istanbul and western Turkey! Turbazun and the mountains and lakes in the north of Turkey is geographically closer to Georgia than to Istanbul! With its magnificent views and potentials, it offers a unique experience that almost confuses the beauty of the forests of the Black Forest, Switzerland's lakes and Georgia's vegetable mountains with an area that provides modern cities and mountainous mountain environments in one place

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