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The village and Lake Ouznjul (Lake Long) is located southeast of the city of Trabzon on the Black Sea coast, northern Turkey. The village of Ouznagul has gained its popularity thanks to the pine lake surrounded by mountains and green meadows, where the lake and its surroundings are ideal for camping, hiking and roaming in rare nature. Besides there is another beautiful inhabitant in this area: river salmon. He lives in the cold water of the region, and at lunch and dinner it turns into tasty dishes along with other fish in the area, making this village a major address for fish. It is also possible to visit the fish farms and choose the fish you wish for yourselves. Nearest airport to Ozenjul isTrabzon airport, and can be reached by bus, which may cost more than $ 5 a little, for 100 kilometers take about an hour and a half. Travelers there are advised to equip the camera in preparation for dozens of wonderful pictures that can be picked up on the road between the two places. In Oznjul small hotels (motels) are built of wood, which are generally clean and priced so low and mild, prices can range in the summer between $ 70-200. The villagers also rent their homes or rooms in low-priced houses, and many recommend them to go out with village residents Oznjul is kind and close to people, and this will help them financially. However, in any case, it is necessary to wear warm clothes, flowing from the cold of the night and sometimes from the cold of the day, even during the summer days. As it turned into a large tourist center began to appear in Ouznjul commercial hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. A concrete barrier along the shore of the lake was built to prevent water flooding sometimes towards the roads around the lake

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