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Prens Adaları

These islands are more beautiful and distinct than the names of the princes of the Parns Adaları or the red islands (Kızıl Adalar), sometimes called simply Adalar, while the Arabs are referred to as the Island of Princesses. This group of islands is located in the Sea of ​​Marmara and belongs to the province of Istanbul, where the islands are located off the coast of this province. The size of these nine islands varies, but their total area is 15.85 square kilometers. Five of these islands are residential and have more than 80,000 people in the summer (about 15,000 in the winter). Many of Istanbul's rich spend their holidays in the emirate's islands, far from the city's noise
The beautiful and attractive atmosphere in these caravans is maintained by the fact that the use of cars is prohibited and is carried through horse carts, small aerobics and paddies. The islands are accessed by boat from Istanbul and the port of Qabatash, while large islands are navigated through the seaport bus service (deniz otobüsleri hatları). In the winter, going to the Princess Islands is not easy, as is the cold.
The islands were named after the "princesses" until the Byzantine Empire, when the islands were an exile for princes and princesses. Every day thousands of people arrive in search of its beautiful atmosphere, fleeing from the hustle and bustle of the city and moving towards the ancient times of old buildings, wooden houses, narrow streets and complete tranquility. Therefore, the Princess Islands is an excellent place for those wishing to spend a beautiful holiday in a private atmosphere with family members
In addition to the splendor and privacy of these islands, the sea route is also exciting. When traveling from Istanbul to the Princess Islands, you can see the tourist attractions and breathtaking nature. The ship passes beneath the Bosphorus Bridge. On the deck you can see magnificent boats adjacent to luxury hotels and historical castles. Near the majestic palaces. After two hours of pleasure in the sea, the ship approaches the islands of the emirate, where the huge trees and beautiful beaches, which are frequented by people, tourists and residents to practice all kinds of different marine sports

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