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Bursa is characterized by its rich plains and its religious and tourist attractions. The most prominent are the Grand Mosque, the Yashil Mosque, Amir Sultan Mosque, the Yildirim, Koza Khan and Piring Khan markets, as well as museums, parks, beaches and warm springs. Bursa also stands out as a Turkish food center
Bursa (Turkey) is Turkey's fourth-largest city (population over 1.7 million), the capital of Bursa province. The Istanbul and Ankara Stock Exchange are one of Turkey's largest industrial and tourist cities. Bursa's largest and most important tourist attraction is Oludag Mountain, which is located next to the city and is so high that it has become a popular and central ski resort in Turkey.
Bursa is characterized by a beautiful Turkish beauty, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, especially for Arab tourists. Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman state between 1326-1365, and was called in that period "Khaddondkar", ie the gift of God. The tombs of the first Ottoman sultans are spread throughout the city, and there are a number of Ottoman buildings in the city, which are major landmarks. Bursa's history dates back to ancient Greek settlement in Turkey
Due to the large number of parks and surrounding parks, and the wide variety of forests scattered around it, Bursa has acquired a popular and famous name, Yeşil Bursa. Bursa is known for its rich plains, warm baths and exciting museums, most notably the Museum of Antiquities. The stock exchange is the home of two famous figures from the Shadow Fiction Theater, Cracow and Hakkifat. Bursa also stands out as a classic Turkish food center, especially with traditional meals such as Kebab Iskandar, sweetened chestnuts, peaches,
The bourse climate is located between the Mediterranean climate and the humid subtropical climate. Its summer is hot and humid from June to September. Winter is cold, wet, and rainy. It can also snow for several days in the winter. In Uludag Mountain, the winter weather is very cold and snowy and the snow continues throughout the winter. In contrast, summer is warm

Bursa is an important industrial center and a major center for the manufacture and installation of cars. It also has a sophisticated metro and bus system to navigate within the city. Although there is an airport in the city, some prefer Ataturk airport in Istanbul for international flights. There are major religious and tourist landmarks, including the Great Mosque (Ulu Cami), Yasil Mosque, Prince Sultan Mosque and others. Yildirim, Koza Khan and Buring Khan are also prominent, not to mention museums, parks, parks, beaches and hot springs.

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