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Is one of the cities located on the southern coast of France, and is one of the largest French cities overlooking the coast of the Mediterranean basin, and the second largest city in France, ranking second after the city of Paris, an area of ​​approximately 241 square kilometers, The population of 852,516 people according to the statistics of 2012, and was one of the important commercial centers in the region, adopted as the main commercial outlet of the historic Empire of France, one of the largest commercial ports in the region
France is considered one of the most famous villages and suburbs of Marseille, which extends from Macasi Calanquis. The city is a rugged coastal area interspersed with a series of small entrances. Known as Campier is the main street in the city, which runs from the old port eastward. The city has two large fortresses surrounding its entrance, and the old port known as Fort San Nicola is surrounded by the southern part of the city and the fortress of Saint Jean on the north. In addition, the Bay of Marseille contains an archipelago consisting of four main islands. Plus a shopping center

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