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Blackpool is one of the most important coastal cities in Britain and is the most popular in terms of entertainment and beaches that you propose. Blackpool is located in northwestern Britain, with a population of over 150,000, a coastal city overlooking Ireland, just off Preston, 28 miles north, 43 kilometers north of Liverpool and 64 kilometers north of Manchester.
Blackpool has gained its importance since the mid-18th century, when the British began to discover the importance of summer and beach tourism. Blackpool, which stretches over 11 kilometers of beautiful yellow sand, has begun to witness an architectural renaissance. Blackpool's tourist center was established after its connection to the train network in 1840. From then on, the city's growth and presence were associated with heavy tourism, with Blackpool attracting millions of tourists each year.
Along with its spectacular golden beaches, Blackpool has top-class attractions such as the Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Lights, Pleasure Beach, Winter Zoo and Horticulture, and the first to free the tramway in Englater.
The Blackpool Tower was opened in 1894 and has since been a landmark tourist attraction in the city skyline. The building of this tower was inspired by the Eiffel tower in Paris and rises from the ground 158 meters. At the bottom of it are entertainment centers and restaurants, which also have the world's most famous "Concert Hall in the Tower" and "Circus in the Tower". The Grand Theater, built in 1894, offers a mix of drama, dance, opera, ballet, comedy and pantomime. Sandcastle Water Park is Britain's largest closed water park with 18 entertainment and activities.
Blackpool can be reached by car across M6. Buses have permanent service from Bristol, Lancaster, Nelson, Southport and Fleetwood. By train there are two stations in Blackpool, Blackpool North and Blackpool South, which receive flights from Preston, Nelson and many other places. Blackpool has its own airport with regular flights from Alicante, Belfast, Dalaman, Faro, Pisa, Majorca, Malaga and others. The number of newly chartered charter flights from Blackpool Airport has also increased. As far as shipping is concerned, the closest word from Blackpool is from Fleetwood to Lane and Hisham to Douglas, which operates only in the summer.
On the internal transportation level, there is the antique tram, which is a tourist attraction in itself, the buses are well spread in Blackpool, and the taxis are also known as historic horse-drawn "landaus" which are also a magnet in the city.

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