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British tourism: Although everyone believes that the UK remains submerged in fog and rain throughout the year, spring and summer are beautiful and attractive and provide the best conditions for a noisy holiday in its cities or quiet in its endless green countryside.
The UK is the western island of Europe, the continent's largest island, and its population of more than 62 million is surrounded by about 1,000 islands of varying size. As a former colonial empire, its language and culture were imposed on many countries, where this influence is still valid today.
Its capital, London, is one of the most important cities in the world, alongside New York, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and Cairo. Its English language is the language of the entire world, especially in the Internet and the information revolution that led this country to Cosmopolitanism around the world. Its history is large and ancient and its civilization is ancient and has archaeological areas that attract millions of tourists. The capital has important landmarks at an international level, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the banks of the River Thames and the famous large museums such as the Tate Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. Tourists can also see the sights of London at the London Eye Wheel, which is about 135 meters above ground.
One of the most characteristic of British cities is the old buildings and ancient architecture, such as mansions, residential buildings, museums and huge churches. This kingdom and its large cities paint an ancient historical character and an architectural style that affects people's lives, paths and intellectual and social patterns.
Britain also has its unique and rare countryside, which is unlike any countryside in the world. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are first-class rural, agricultural and rural areas, making one addicted to their freshness and freshness. There is nothing nicer than a few days' tour of a rented car in the British countryside, and you can spend some time in the capital London renting a car and going for a week or more journey through Wales and Scotland to finish your journey in the charming city of Edinburgh.

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