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Krabi is one of the most beautiful parts of Thailand, with the charming nature of tropical weather, where this green nature meets the sparkling clear sea water, and comes to mind - first of all - the profound thanks you feel for the development of human civilization has not come here. But this island is well developed, and what distinguishes it is that it preserved its natural beauty of the birly; you will not find high-rise buildings or concrete buildings or the smoke of the matures. Its rustic hotels are made of wood and are scattered among the trees.
Krabi lies south of Bangkok and is about 800 km away. Its natural beauty is almost indescribable, its beaches still retain its virginity, overlooking a limestone frame and trying to touch the warm waters of the sea among the forest trees that stretch to the shore. Across the coast of Krabi there are 80 small islands scattered along it, and can be visited by boat.
Krabi is an open nature reserve, while the Thai government is developing it in a deliberate manner to preserve the region's virginity and beauty. So you will not find high hotels, but all of the buildings are one-storey, and perhaps two-storey, but welcoming and spacious and the level of 5 stars.
Krabi is the best place for a quiet break, and you can reach most of its beaches by boat. Krabi is full of restaurants, shops and marine sports clubs.
Krabi can be reached through Krabi International Airport (KBV) with companies such as Thai Airways and Air Asia to and from Bangkok. From the airport you can hire a car or a motorcycle. Krabi lacks a train station, so those who come by train must go to Surat Thani station and from there by bus. Buses from Bangkok to Krabi are also available. There are ferries sailing from and to Ko Phi Phi, Kogam and Ko Lanta on a daily basis, most of them sailing in the morning. Inside Krabi you can take a cab or songthaew, a small van with a bookcase on both sides. You can also rent a car in Krabi to walk around.

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