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Ko Phi Phi Le

A butterfly-shaped island, its right wing is a picturesque beach and the right is wooded rocks, forests and palm trees. Do these specifications remind you of something? Yes, paradise!
This island is a butterfly-shaped butterfly-bound, with a thin beach of pure blue water. The left wing is rocky and covered with trees, and the right wing is surrounded by forests full of palms and plants.
Situated on the coast of Krabi Province, this beautiful island is famous for its spectacular landscapes, so much so that the producers of James Bond films have chosen it as a venue for the famous film series.
Ko Island in the well-known tourist attractions such as Ko Tao Island by snorkeling and diving underwater, watching the sea creatures and corals. Co-op is packed with restaurants serving fresh seafood, with small shops selling souvenirs.
Ku Phi is constantly evolving and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. It is famous for the small and hidden places to explore with a small boat that is rented and sailing around. It is also located in the one-storey beachfront condominium called Bangaloh. Several famous hotels such as the Holiday Inn, as well as great resorts suitable for honeymoon and family trips.
One of the outstanding places on Koh Phi Phi Island is the picturesque Arayapuri Resort, located on the island's main beach called Tonsai. You can also find excellent and comfortable cottages for rent, most of which are built on the island's top of the hill.
Access method
Ko Phi Phi Island can be reached in several ways; ships and ferries can be reached from Phuket, Crappi and Ko Lanta daily. As well as "all-inclusive" cruises from Phuket. By plane, Krabi International Airport (KBV) is the nearest airport and companies such as Bangkok Air operate direct flights to Krabi. Those who prefer buses are buses that depart from Bangkok from the city's main southern bus station and take about 12 hours to travel. The train can be reached by getting off at Trang Station, the nearest station to Krabi

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