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Thailand's North Rose, its past and present. The heritage of history is evident in its architecture, streets and temples, accompanied by a world of modern entertainment and shopping, the most green of the Queen's places.
Visitors will be assured of the importance of this city, located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Thailand, about 700 km north of Bangkok, also known as the "Rose of the North". All indigenous people will ask you whether you visit or not. The advantage of Chiang Mai is that it has preserved its centuries-old history and heritage and its remarkable development and processions of the era. The temples, old buildings and souks are just as they were, alongside restaurants, hotels and ultra-modern shops. According to UNESCO, this was considered the "creative city".
Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand after the capital, with its magnificent, verdant nature. The Chiang Mai lies on the banks of the river Beng, surrounded by dense forests, mountains of mythology and mystery, and natural parks adjoining the city, Doi Anthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, the Natural Elephant Park, about 60 km north of the city, and the Doi Suthep Park, which overlooks the famous Wat Dui Suthep Museum. Around the city, too, the visitor can enjoy the nature by visiting camps specially organized for tourists at local tribes living on the surrounding hills, walking among them on foot or riding elephants.
It is possible to identify the museums, temples and archaeological sites dating back hundreds of years. Since the city was established in 1296 as the capital of the Kingdom of Lana, it is possible to tour the historic city (the walled city) and pass through traditional handicrafts such as silk, silver, ceramics, antiques and Buddhist art made in small factories open to visitors And offered to buy them cheaply. If you feel thirsty or hungry, you can always eat fresh fruit juice and healthy food from the carriages and stalls that fill the streets of the city, already full of culinary schools that equip you with the skills of Thai cuisine in one day!
There is a modern side, where hotels, restaurants, modern shops, the lobby and tourist entertainment venues. There are also the largest festivals and popular celebrations in Thailand, such as the Flower Festival, the traditional Thai Year, and the celebration of the completion of the moon, where flowers and candles are placed in the city's canals.
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