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A copper island, is the mother of 39 islands. A paradise marked by mountains, beaches, forests and deep sea. It was once a commercial port and a magnet for the world's people, and it is still one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.
On the Andaman Sea off the South Thai coast, lies the largest island in Thailand, the "Phuket", which has never been an ordinary island. It has historically been a central trade link between India and China, and many have been tempted to seize it and its copper-rich land until it has become independent. To this day, it remains an attractive center and an important tourist attraction in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Phuket (meaning "hill") is adjacent to the provinces of "Fang Nga" and "Krabi", and about 863 km from the capital Bangkok. It is a commercial, tourist and social island where Buddhist, Chinese, Muslim and Roma live, and its international airport receives tourists from all over the world. A tourist from the capital can travel directly via the highway, or by ferry from nearby provinces or ships from Singapore.
It is not in vain that Phuket has this tourist significance, while the visitor will not end up admiring its varied and changing views at a short distance. There are 39 small islands that follow it as Mother Island, and a series of mountains in its west, starting from north to south and known as the Bukit Mountains. And forests and farms of rubber and palm oil covering half of its area. Phuket's most popular beach is Patong Beach on the west coast, where guests can rent a shaded chair at a low price. The beach offers tropical cold drinks, massage, water skiing and more.
The beaches of Phuket are considered one of the most beautiful dive sites on the world level. Divers can choose one-day diving trips with meals and drinks on a boat equipped with all amenities, or trips for days or even weeks to explore the waters of Phuket Island and adjacent small islands. It is characterized by the diversity of coral reefs and their various marine organisms such as sea turtles, karosh and others.
The visitor can also go on a cruise aboard a large boat transporting passengers from Phuket and touring the numerous Banga Bay islands.
The island of Phuket also features its huge "Bukit Fantzi" theater, which seats up to 3,000 spectators and is connected to a very luxurious restaurant. The theater mainly presents legendary plays about the province of Phuket where hundreds of actors, dozens of elephants and white pigeons are represented.

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