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Thailand is located on the Chinese-Indian Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordered to the east by Cambodia and Laos, by the south by Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand, by the west by Myanmar and the Andaman Sea, divided into seventy-five provinces and with Bangkok as the largest city in Thailand.
Thailand is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in East Asia. It has several attractive tourist areas, dense forests, net beaches, the most luxurious hotels in the world, and several tourist areas with spectacular views and attractions.

The most important tourist areas in Thailand The Grand Palace: Built in 1782, the palace was used as a private residence for the kings of Thailand. The palace is large and spacious, and it is considered the home of the Emerald Buddha, whose statue is one of the oldest in the world. The islands are located in the western Andaman Sea and are among the best destinations in Thailand. It consists of nine islands, including sandy beaches and tropical forests. It is worth mentioning that there are underwater destinations, which are exciting places with coral reefs and huge granite rocks.
Chiang Mai Bazaar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, where a very popular night bazaar is set up. The bazaar stretches over many areas of the area, along the footpath, residential areas and buildings. It features modern furnishings, imported and homemade clothes, Various handicrafts, is considered one of the largest shopping malls.
Riley Beach is a small peninsula. The island is accessible by boat because of steep, high limestone cliffs and rocks. It is one of the quietest beaches to attract rock climbers from all parts of the world.
Fang Nga Bay: Phuket Island is about 99 kilometers away and is one of Thailand's best scenic spots. Fang Nga Bay has water caves and limestone islands and can be reached by Kabak boats. For the caves of the sea from the inside.
The island of the turtle (Koh Tao), an island close to the Gulf Coast in Thailand and a small area, is one of the best popular destinations, and can be learned to dive in, there is fun to dive where the tourist sees wonderful species of fish and coral reefs, and sharks do not exist in That area.
Ko Kha is an archipelago: Located in Krabi Province, the largest island in the group, it has a permanent population and is therefore the only inhabited island.


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