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The Barbar Temple is a tourist archaeological site with three different temples, located in the village of Barbar in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is part of the Delmon civilization. The last three temples were discovered recently in 1954 by a Danish archaeological expedition, dating back to the third millennium BC. These temples were built above each other, limestone, and the belief that these stones were brought from the island of Jeddah.
Due to the importance and uniqueness of these temples, they have been included in the list of UNESCO archaeological sites.
The three temples were vandalized and maimed, not to mention that each temple differed from the temple beneath it, so it was impossible to determine the name of the god who was worshiped here. The temple of Barber is similar to other temples discovered in Mesopotamia.
One of the most important archaeological finds during the three temple phases is the bronze head of a bull that may have been used to decorate the religious wooden ark box, as well as a large number of Sablon stone dalmonic seals.
At the entrance to the archaeological site, you can find a tour guide that will take you through a tour that will tell you the secrets and phenomena of this complex. Access to the site is free.
There is no doubt that the temple of Barbar is one of the most important tourist sites in Bahrain, as his visit is one of the first activities and important to the tourists. The visit to this site, as witnessed by many tourists in their comments, gives a historical and cultural dimension to the relatively modern Kingdom, which puts things in the context of the natural history of the region and its civilization.

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