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Sakhir is a desert region in the south of Bahrain. It is a center of bays and deserts scattered south of Bahrain, and it is entirely: Sakhir, Um Jadr, Osmayah, Rameitha, Mtalla, Omar and the Continent.
Sakhir's visit is usually between November and April. In Sakhir you will find the palace built in 1870.
In the early 2000s, major changes took place in the area such as the establishment of the main campus of the University of Bahrain and the Bahrain International Circuit. Many tourists come to Sakhir for camping, for Al Areen Park and Zoo, Bahrain's only wildlife reserve.
Al Areen Nature Reserve in Sakhir contains the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Park, Banyan Tree Resort and Spa, Mirage Al Areen, Downtown Al Areen, Sunset Hills, Oryx Hills and Al Areen Hotel.
Sakhir International Airport is the second airport in Bahrain after Bahrain International Airport in Manama,
Since Sakhir Bar is one of the few prairies that contain residential areas, the people of Bahrain have taken the name of Bahrain's capital by name.
Tourism lovers in Bahrain say Bahrain is "fantastic" in winter, with tourists coming from all countries, especially from the Gulf states, to enjoy nature, atmosphere, camps, events and festivals.

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